Politics News: Republican candidates take on abortion

Social issues including abortion have always played important roles in presidential elections. Abortion however, is a moral issue that has divided the country along party lines. It has become a right and left issue that is getting out of hand.

So what are the current candidates vying for the Republican nomination in the up coming presidential election saying about abortion?

Mitt Romney changed his belief on the issue of abortion back in 2007 changing from pro-choice to pro-life and while he was Massachusetts governor he proclaimed he would preserve and protect women’s right of an abortion. His biggest mistake on republican values was supporting the use of the abortion medicine in 2002 (better known as RU-486) which often can induce many health issues for women. Now he says he would like to see Roe V. Wade eradicated in its entirety and he’d fight to stop abortions in this country state by state. abortion providers.

Jon Huntsman says he is against abortion and has a very good pro-life track record. He’s personally established pro life laws. As an example, in Feb of 2009 while governor of Utah he signed a bill that would make 2nd trimester abortions unlawful.

Newt Gingrich says that abortion should be prohibited and physicians who carry out abortions should be penalized legally.

Herman Cain carries a solid position, and sometimes controversial stance about abortion matters. In his ’04 Georgia US Senate run he said abortion has to be illegal even during situations of rape and incest. Presently Cain is demanding the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Michele Bachmann is one hundred percent against abortions. She has been firmly Pro-Life from the time that she had seen the well known ’76 documentary film, ‘How Should We Live Then?’ and also was standing outside the of doors abortion establishments offering advice and prayer. She emphasizes that abortion ought to be criminal and that life starts off at conception till natural death.

Rick Santorum is unquestionably against abortion and believes that “a child is a child” and regardless of whether that child is conceived because of physical violence it’s still at no-fault of the child. Thus he believes that even in the case connected with rape and incest abortion ought to be prohibited. He guided the suspension of partial-birth abortions and would aim to appoint judges that will put an end to Roe v Wade as commander-in-chief in 2012.

Tim Pawlenty suggests if we can change the hearts of family and friends then we can easily proceed closer to halting abortions in the country. In Minnesota the governor was happy to approve the “Women’s Right To Know” law which stalls abortion and helps teach females in advance of opting to end their pregnancy. In his latest claims he has stated he would like to overturn Roe V Wade.

Gary Johnson is the least among the apostles who sings a different tune. He endorses abortion and is pro-choice.

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