Celebrity News: Beautiful Jessica Alba Opens up to Lucky

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is beyond sexy on the cover and inside Lucky’s September issue.

She may be best know for her beauty, but with countless new projects, including an online store, she’s more determined than ever to prove that she’s more than just a pretty face.

Jessica talked to Lucky about being a sex symbol, shaping up post-baby, trying not to be the perfect mom and playing a superhero mom in “Spy Kids:

Highlights from the interview:

On trying not to be the perfect mom: “I get obsessed with how to make her life as perfect as I can—which means allowing her to make mistakes and act nuts,” she says.

On her meal plan to shape up after the baby: “I have a hard time with portion control, so I have 1,200 calorie meals delivered. But I also work out, so basically I’m starving—it sucks. I drink a lot of water.”

On her post-baby workout: “Working out everyday for even just 45 minutes is good for my mental state. But getting dress and actually doing it is the worst. It’s hard to get motivated.”

Jessica Alba

On why she likes to be distracted at the gym: “In the gym, I have like five things to distract me: TV, iPod, magazines. Working partners are good, too, so you can chat and not just drown in your own misery. Sorry, does that sound bad? I just hate working out.”

On being considered a sex symbol: “I’ve never been perceived as anything but a sex symbol, so I don’t even know what that means,” she says.

On suing Playboy from putting her on the cover without her permission: “Playboy isn’t bad; it’s just not me.”

On her sexy Campari calendar she shot wearing heels and a bathing suit: “It got people talking,” she says. “Besides, it’s not like my boobies were out or my bum was showing.”

On her career goal after the sexiness wears off: “I’ve kept my future in mind,” she says. “I wasn’t going to be a flash in the pan. I want my career to last a long time.”

On playing superheroes: “I pretended to be a superhero when I was a kid,” says Alba who plays a superhero mom in her upcoming movie Spy Kids. “I thought, if boys can do it, I can do it, I can do it better,” she says, laughing.

On being strong-willed: “There’s a video of me when I’m three, saying ‘This is a woman’s world, and I don’t need a man for nothin’!’” she says.

On her first big audition: “We all went out for it—my mom, my auntie, her four kids, my auntie’s boyfriend, my brother and I all sardined inside our Buick Regal. That’s how we rolled back then.” Once there, she was asked to list any acting experience. “I lied and said I done plays,” she says, smiling. “My mom definitely taught me how to hustle.”

On looking back at her journey as an actress: “Why am I here?” she asks. “Sheer will and determination, dammit…And I hustled like crazy.”

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

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