I lay my cares and expectations at the cross.

Jesus Christ Crucifix

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Lord, help me to be a good husband. I fully realize that I don’t have what it takes to be a good  husband without your help. Take my selfishness, impatience, and irritability and turn them into kindness, long-suffering, and the willingness to bear all things. Take my old emotional habits, mindset, automatic reactions, rude assumptions and self protective stance, and make me patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled. Take the hardness of my heart and break down the walls with your revelation. Give me a new heart and work in me your love, peace and joy (Galatians 5 : 22, 23). I am not able to rise above who I am at this moment . Only you can help me.

Show me where there is sin in my heart, especially with regard to my wife. I confess the times I’ve been unloving, critical, resentful, disrespectful, or unforgiving toward her. Help me to put aside any hurt, anger or disappointment I feel and forgive her the way you do–totally and completely, no looking back. Make me a tool of reconciliation, peace, and healing in this marriage, Enable us to communicate well and rescue us from the fangs of separation.

Make me my wife’s helpmate, companion, champion, friend, and support. Help me to create a peaceful, restful, safe place for her to come home to. Teach me how to take care of myself and stay attractive to her. Grow me into a creative and confident person who is rich in mind, soul and spirit. Make me the kind of man she can be proud to say is her husband.

I lay all my expectations at your cross. help me to accept her the way she is and not try to change her. I realize that in some ways she may never change, but at the same time, I release her to change in ways I never thought she could. I leave any changing that needs to be done in Your hands, fulling accepting that neither of us is perfect and never will be. Only you, Lord, are perfect and I look to you to perfect us

Teach me how to pray for my wife and make my prayers a true language of love. Where love has died, create new love between us. show me what unconditional love really is and how to communicate in a way she can clearly understand. Bring unity between us so that we can be in agreement about everything (Amos 3 : 3). May the God of patience and comfort grant us to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus (Romans 15: 5).

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