Do you still look the way you did before you met Jesus?

It has been more than twenty years since I came in contact with Jesus, and I must admit, I have had my share of ups and downs. Over the years my experience has thought me not to take my Salvation for granted, so now and then I do a soul-searching. I usually replay situations where I think I did wrong and ask God to forgive me. I also devise strategies that I think will help to stop me from making those mistakes ever again. Sometimes I fail, but I keep trying.

Astonishingly, recently while I was doing my usual soul-searching the following question pops up in my head: “Do you still look the way you did before you met Jesus?..Now, this is a difficult question. Nonetheless, I would like to think I have changed tremendously for the better over the past twenty years. Conversely, If I have not, then I would be one of the biggest Dr. Hyde and Mrs. Jekyll because it is impossible for anyone to stay the same after he or she, came in contact with Jesus. If I sound stupid, and naïve, I am not the only one.

The apostle Paul, in one of his letters to the Church in Corinth states: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17). Perhaps the apostle was thinking about his own conversion and later transformation (Acts 9), when he penned those words. For there was no fiercer opponent of the gospel of Jesus Christ than Saul, yet when he came in contact with Jesus his life transformed like a caterpillar morphed into a butterfly. images[2]

My dear brothers and sisters let us face reality. If we say we are Christians, and family, friends, neighbors and co-workers do not see the change in us, something is wrong. It is either we have aborted the transformation process or it never occurred at all. Surely, Saul did not suddenly become this perfect person after his Damascus road experience. Neither did the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well, but the changes in these two people were blinding.

Hence, if family, friends, neighbors and co-workers do not see any changes in your attitude, behavior, language and modus operandi you need to ask yourself this question: “Do I still look the way I did before I met Jesus?” If the answer is yes, then it is time for a soul-searching.

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    1. Firstly, let me say thanks for your input, Minister Glenda. Secondly, I truly believe there should be noticeable difference between a Christian and a secular person. If I call myself a Christian and I still do the sinful things I did before I met Jesus, then the old man is not dead.


    1. Thanks for the visit unshakable. I truly appreciate your input. This post means a lot to me because it helps me to understand that I still have a lot more work to do. At the peak of his career, the apostle Paul writes, “Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:13-14).


  1. Do you still look the same way before you met Jesus? That is truly a question to ponder and marinate in on today! I have no doubt that God put that in your spirit to write! I felt it in my belly when I read the subject!

    Truly, this is the question of the day in which we live!

    May God forever richly bless you Noel for such a powerful and profound Word!

    For that I do tell the Lord thank you!

    God bless my brother!



  2. Physically, of course I have changed after 53 years.

    SPIRITUALLY, I became a new person after a very dramatic conversion experience. My whole life was changed. *I* didn’t change – that is, I didn’t change myself – but my amazing triune God changed me completely, and He still changes me, little by little, transforming me into His goal of Christlikeness, preparing me as the bride of Christ for that wonderful day coming when I ‘shall be like Him’ 1 John 3:2.

    I am one day closer to that day!

    What an incredibly amazing God!


    1. Angela, you never cease to fascinate me with your inspiring comment. Your display of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the gospel is second to none. I am proud to call you friend.

      I pray the Good Lord above will continue to bless you richly.

      God blesses.


  3. There’s nothing better than love –
    being loved, and knowing you are loved…
    this grace almost forces one to change,
    if only in order to please your beloved.

    Happy in appearance, be an inner joy unmasked.

    God bless you and your work, Noel! 🙂


  4. I somehow ran across this post and now that I’ve read it and am starting to comment I recognize that it’s an old post from years back. I hope you are still well in the Lord and continually moving on in your walk.

    I like this thought and it’s so true. If there isn’t a transformation of a person then they haven’t met Jesus. God bless!

    If you would like, I would like to invite you to read my blog. I hope it’s a blessing and you enjoy the read.


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