BBC News – Boston bombs: Tsarnaev brothers ‘planned more attacks’

BBC News – Boston bombs: Tsarnaev brothers ‘planned more attacks’.


    1. Amen! The person we try to emulate forgave His accusers while He was staring death in the face. Therefore as Christians we must learn to forgive. Even when it is unpopular and uncomfortable. The Marathon bombing is a good place to start.

      Thanks so much for your input, Minister Glenda. God blesses.


  1. Blessings to you Noel; I didn’t respond to your comment regarding my post “Born This Way or Born Again”, because I really wanted to give thought to your comment, however, I’ve been weighed down with work and school and haven’t had the time to spend blogging or reading blogs. I hope to respond sometime soon….should be an interesting debate.

    Minister Glenda


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