I surrender

awesome, cloud, faith, god, jesus

Father in heaven, I surrender all to You. Remove the veil that clouds my view. Help me to see more clearly your purpose for me. Guide my steps and take full control of my life. Lord, I am aware that I am nothing without You. Still, I yearn to be something–, not in this world, Lord, but in your Kingdom. I surrender all to you.


  1. Life is so much more peaceful when we hand it all to Him, isn’t it Noel? Why do think we are so hesitant at times to do it? God loves us so much and will do anything for us, if we can just let it go! Good post and God Bless, SR


    1. SR, we hesitate to give God control because we think we are fine without Him being in charge. When we give God control of our lives, we become a team with God. He directs and we follow. However if we start giving God the glory for all of our achievements, then we would not have any problems giving Him control.

      Thanks you so much for commenting, my friend.You are one of God’s chosen.


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