Serve Your Valentine Breakfast in Bed With These 20 Brunch Recipes

Valentine’s Day is upon us and even though many of us declared in public that we do not observe the day, secretly we do. None of us, especially men, wants to be the one who forgot to send a gift or a Valentine’s card to his special someone.

So, if you had forgotten to do something special last year you still have time to spring a surprise this year. Here is a link with some tasty recipes I grabbed off the internet. Enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a Sunday this year, so, if you’re not plotting an elaborate dinner for your special someone, brunch together is another great option. But, just as with dinner, we counsel against going out to eat on the holiday—especially since serving your partner breakfast in bed is about as romantic as it gets. Here are 20 breakfast and brunch recipes to help you win the Valentine of the Year Award.

Source: Serve Your Valentine Breakfast in Bed With These 20 Brunch Recipes | Serious Eats