Christian Hypocrisy – Are You in Danger?

Christian hypocrisy is widespread in the church with the negative result of alienating unbelievers. Learn to avoid the sin of being a religious phoney.

Source: Christian Hypocrisy – Are You in Danger?


  1. Thanks, SR! I am sure you have noticed that Mary Fairchild of About Christianity is the author of the post. I just could not resist sharing it. I thought it was an excellent read, and she hit all the nails on the head.
    I get the sense that the post rubs some people the wrong way, but regardless, it was honest.

    As for me, I have not been writing anything lately. I am too busy during the week and on the weekends my soon to be three-year-old grandson is giving me a run for my money.

    Thanks again, my friend. keep the faith.


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