How Denominations Destroy Faith

There is a lot we can learn from each other as we share our differing perspectives and understandings of Jesus. That is, if we can dare to be a little vulnerable and admit that maybe we don’t have God all figured out.

Source: How Denominations Destroy Faith


    1. SR, I saw the article in Pathos and I saw a lot of truth in it. Too often Christians allow denominational-ism to cloud our vision. For example, I am not a Catholic but a lot of people think I am. And that’s because I embrace a lot of what the Church does. The Catholic Church id second to non when it comes to taking care of the poor.

      Thanks for checking out my post God bless.

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  1. I agree and thanks Noel. Sometimes it is just kind of nice to have someone say something nice about our Church. We do a lot for the poor indeed.

    My Church as small as it is, is now making blankets for those who have none, (St. Rita’s project) we also take collections up for those starting school who cannot afford school supplies and the clothes, we also give coats to kids in the winter for those who have none, of course at Christmas we always buy for the kids on the tree, and give donations to feed the hungry and the poor year round, as well as the holidays. The list really can go on and on, at that is just one Church in my area, not counting the numerous others in surrounding communities.

    These are a few things among many, that I love about my Church. Again thanks for the kindness who just showed to her, as we all love her. God Bless, SR


    1. One more thing. There have been many moments when you have said or done something which reminded me of being a “Catholic.” I know where people get that from in you Noel, because I see it all the time. God Bless, SR

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