My prayer to walk in God’s ways in 2012

Lord, take control of my heart, that my heart may control my feet; my thoughts, my will and my ways. May my feet bring the word of good news, and the message of comfort to those who are broken and confused. And also to those who have lost hope in our political system, and our society as a whole–and to those who have lost their jobs and are going through tough times.

May my feet walk upon the imprint of your footsteps, May they move at the pace and in the direction that you are moving, Lord, I pray that my eyes will focus upon the things that your eyes are fixed upon. Heavenly father, lift me when I fall, cleanse me when I am soiled, and heal my every wound.

Lord, be the wings that cover me, the hiding place I need for shelter, the shield I need for defense, the sword I need for battle, and the banner I need for victory.

Let me be a light to those who are in darkness. Use me as a billow to those whose fire is cooling, and as a flint to those who need your fire.

Thank you Lord for granting my request.


    1. WATW, one of my favorite people on WordPress. Thanks a lot for your kind sentiments. It has been said that one of the highest accolades is the comment, “If she says so, you can bank on it.” Happy New Year to you and your family! God bless.


    1. Thanks P.J. A comment coming from you, means a lot to me. You inspire me more than you’ll ever know. Take of yourself and no more hospital scare in 2012. OK! ;). God bless


    1. Thanks fourbluehill. I really appreciate that. Please do the same and take care of yourself–the world needs you. God bless.


  1. This is my prayer too Noel! I look forward to walking in the Lord’s path and living according to His Word….I’m happy to have faithful brothers and sisters like yourself and others to encourage me.

    Minister Glenda


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