Because Christ died, I can have victory over sin

“O sing unto the LORD a new song; for He hath done marvelous things: His right hand, and His holy arm, hath gotten Him the victory” (Psalm 98:1).

A mother once overheard her five-year-old daughter singing the popular hymn Victory in Jesus. The little girl finished the hymn with a slight change in the ending, “He loved me ‘ere I knew Him, and all my love is through Him”

When the mother heard the words “through Him,” something registered deep within her heart. Suddenly she realized that she is inadequate, and incapable of doing good. By her nature, like the rest of us, she has and continue to flirt with sin. But because Christ died on Calvary she can do all things through Him. So, in her own words she shares the following

English: Resurrection of Christ

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All my love is through Him, who is the very essence of love. This truth sets me free. I cannot love but He can. I cannot be patient, but He can. I cannot be kind, even if I want to. I cannot help but envy. I can neither swallow my pride nor control my anger. I cannot forgive or trust again and I cannot keep on giving–but Jesus can. Jesus can and does love others. Through Him it is possible for me. And that is victory.


    1. I thank you very much Chidiwe, for the encouragement. To God be the glory! I hope you will make more visits in the future.

      God bless You.


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