Is The Catholic Church A Force For Good In The World?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world. When it comes to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and looking out for the poor, the Catholic Church is second to none. It has, more so than any other religious institution spread its wing in diverse places across the globe. Wherever there are suffering and oppression, the Catholic Church is there to lend a helping hand.

Nevertheless, the Church is not perfect. Its failings in recent years and in its distant past continue to be an Alcatraz around its neck. However, such failings should not in any way shape or form take away from its importance as a force for good in the world.

I strongly believe was it not for the Catholic Church, even with its failings, the world would be worse off than it is today.

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  1. Hello Noel:

    I used to have pretty much the same view of the Catholic church since I grew up in Catholicism and educated in Catholic schools from 1st Grade in 1960 to 1995; when I could no longer bare the emptiness of my soul I left and found new life in Jesus Christ and a true understanding of God and the Bible.

    Minister Glenda


    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Minister Glenda. I am not a Catholic either. I grew up in a hand clapping foot stomping Pentecostal Church, but it is hard to deny the good work the Church continues to do for the poor throughout the world.
      However, I have read about the bad stuff, such as the inquisition, the abuse of young boys, etc…. But I still think the Church is doing a good job, nonetheless.


      1. Do you know that their doctrine is that the Catholic church is the only way to heaven? and they do not recognize any of the other denominations; however they do recognize Catholicism (their Christianity), the Jewish Faith and the Islamic Faith as the 3 major religions in the world?


      2. I did not know that much Minister Glenda. However, my focus was more centered on the good the Church does to help the poor and needy.

        I thank you very much for your input as always. God blessed!


  2. People sin in all walks of life — those connected to a Godly institution get hung more intensely because we’re suppose to be a light to the world. Note to all Christians; let this be a reminder why you must live a righteousness life for Christ — people are watching!
    Good debate, Noel!


    1. Thanks you very much for participating in the debate, Lady D. I stumbled upon the video and I thought it would be a good debate.

      God blessed!


  3. I don’t know enough about the Catholic church to say either way. But I do believe all churches hurt and help people at the same time – well, the ones that are rooted in actual religion (as in, not cults). I will say, though, that all I know about the Catholic church is the scandals involving priests. So maybe that’s all non-Catholics are hearing about it – which would automatically detract from the good the church IS doing. Good debate – I’m going to do a little research on my own now.


    1. I thank you very much for your comment, Afi. Before the scandal, the only bad news one heard about the Catholic Church was their style of worship. The other stuff about the inquisition was almost forgotten, unless you are a religious scholar.
      One of the complaints about the Church was the mass was boring. No hand clapping or foot stomping. However,when came the scandal broke every good deed that the had done was forgotten


      1. You are most welcome. I could see complaints about the “boring” worship style. But honestly, sometimes I’m a little skeptical about hand-clapping and foot stomping. I mean, I know the Holy Spirit is real because I’ve felt it, but I think that part of worship can be abused by leaders when they preach that you don’t love God like they do because you don’t worship like they do – not everybody is led by the Holy Spirit to run down the aisles, fall out or dance like David. You really have me thinking about this…thank YOU for this post.


  4. hi my name is Lucy and i am a catholic and i have been since i was born but now that i am hearing a lot of things that the catholic church has done i cant say i am proud of it, first of all homosexual, i don’t think is right of us to judge people because they are different, Jesus himself came to the world for sinner and i am not saying that homosexual people are sinners what i am saying is we should not judge them we should love and respect them and on sex now the church should knw by now that no matter how many times it try to stop it is going to increase more and one last thing i think that the catholic church need to change some of the rule because we are at 2012 now and i don’t think is right for the reglion leader to spread around on what they think Jesus would like or say or do because we are not him and everyone even the pope will be judge on the last day .


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