A prayer to serve according to God’s will and purpose

"Saint John on Patmos" by Hans Baldu...

“Saint John on Patmos” by Hans Baldung Grien, 1511 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Lord, this day is Yours, and my life is yours. Let each step I take leave an impression of your glory. May each word I speak produce an echo of your love. I pray that each deed I do leave the fragrance of Your presence.

May my hands be an extension of Your mercies. Break me and mold me Lord, that my heart will be a mirror of Your heart. Let my life be a reflection of Your image, and may my attitudes be expressions of Your character.

Father in heaven, remove fear, doubt, and self indulgence from me. Let me not forget that I am nothing without you. Lord, remind me daily, not to praise; for all praise is unto you.

Thank you, Lord, for the privilege I have to be Your child and to be set apart for Your plans; and to be called according to Your purposes, and to be used as an instrument of Your will. Amen!


  1. Amen, Noel! We can get so busy doing “God’s work,” without even consulting with Him to ascertain whether or not we’re operating in His perfect will. Lord, please order my every step, that I might be found in Your perfect will! Thanks, Noel! Abundant blessings!!



    1. You are undoubtedly correct Minister Paulette. God knows what is best for each of us. His wisdom surpasses any other. I thank you very much for stopping by and commenting. God blessed!


    1. I am extraordinarily grateful for your comment SR. Your kind words and encouragement are hugely valuable to me. God blessed!


    1. I thank you very much for your comment Teresa. God has extraordinary things in store for us, but we will never know what they are until we listen to Him and follow His direction.
      God blessed!


    1. Thanks a million my friend. Your continued support of this blog is particularly appreciated. God blessed!


    1. I thank you you so much for your comment Lady D. Prayer is an important part of the Christian journey. It keeps us in touch with God.

      God blessed!


    1. I thank you very much Brother James. Prayer is an important piece of the Christian. God listens when we pray.
      May God bless you my friend.


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