When an athlete comes to grips with her mortality and grows up

On July 7, 2012, Tennis superstar Serena Williams, won her fourteenth grand slam titles and her fifth at the All England Tennis Club (Wimbledon). Serena joins her sister Venus who also won five Wimbledon titles. It was an emotional win for Serena and her family as well as many of her fans.

However, without putting a damper on Serena’s spectacular win, the high point of the Tennis championships were her conduct and her performance. Serena seems to have finally come to grips with her mortality and grows up. This time around, she did not cause any media buzz, nor was she clad in any outlandish, over-the-top sexually provocative attire. Her grace and power was the focal point, and she conducted herself like a lady through out.

Still Serena’s 2012 story is an extraordinary and inspiring one. For her to come back from a life threatening illness to win Wimbledon, is no small feat. In her post game interview she talked about how she prayed to get back doing what she loves doing–playing tennis.

Read the full story here: Serena Wins 5th Wimbledon Title


  1. My husband enjoyed watching the matches. I’m grateful for her testimony and the win. It does seem God is doing a tremendous work in her life. Maturity and wisdom do not always walk hand in hand, but sometimes when life hands us a trying experience maturity and wisdom come along when we press into God. Enjoyed reading your perspective.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Michelle. Your wise counsel and encouragement are tremendously appreciated. Sometimes people put God on the back burner and rely on their own strengths and understandings. However, when those fail, and they hit rock bottom; they turn to God. He is always there to lend a helping hand.
      God blesses


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