Defy the critics and live in anticipation of Jesus’ return

Repent! Jesus is coming soon

Repent! Jesus is coming soon (Photo credit: Ben Sutherland)

Despite what critics think, there is manifestly no doubt that Jesus will return for His church when most of us least expect. His return was imminent when Saul got struck down on the Damascus road, and it is even more imminent today. However, no one knows the minute or the hour. Jesus Himself said so: “But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only” (Matthew 24:36). Therefore, brothers and sisters, every Christian should live in readiness and anticipation of that day. If we do not, we may jolly well end up like the five foolish virgins.

The five foolish virgins got locked out of the banqueting hall; because of their failure to live in readiness and anticipation of the Bridegroom. They knew He was coming, but because of haphazard planning, (lack of spiritual readiness), they missed their only chance to have a seat at the banqueting table. One can only imagine how those poor women felt, when they heard the words: “Depart from me. I never knew you”.

The Bible never told us what happened to the five foolish virgins. We can only assume. However, it tells us what will happen to those of us who are not ready when Jesus returns for His church. In 2 Peter 3:10, the apostle Peter warns: “The Day of the Lord will come “like a thief in the night”. On that Day, the heavens will disappear with a roar and the elements will melt and dissolve, and the earth and everything in it will burn up”.

Just like in the days of Noah, many people doubt the word of God. Some people pretend that they believe but their actions do not match their words. Still, some people think there is plenty of time before Christ returns. Another group claims it has been two thousand years since Jesus promised His return and it is yet to happen.

Two thousand years may seem like a long time to us, but to God it is not. Here, is how the apostle Peter addressed this issue: “Moreover, dear friends, do not ignore this: with the Lord, one day is like one thousand years and one thousand years like one day. The Lord has not been slow to fulfill His promise as some people think; quite the opposite, He is patient with us; for it is not his intention that anyone should perish, but that everyone should turn from his sins” (2 Peter 3:8-9).

Finally, my dear brothers and sisters, it does not matter how long we wait. God does not count the days, and the years like we do. Furthermore, He is giving everyone a chance to repent. Therefore, the most obvious thing to do is to live in spiritual readiness and preparedness for the Bridegroom when He returns.


  1. “Say what you like,” we shall be told, “the apocalyptic beliefs of the first Christians have been proved to be false. It is clear from the New Testament that they all expected the Second Coming in their own lifetime. And, worse still, they had a reason, and one which you will find very embarrassing. Their Master had told them so. He shared, and indeed created, their delusion. He said in so many words, ‘this generation shall not pass till all these things be done.’ And he was wrong. He clearly knew no more about the end of the world than anyone else.”

    It is certainly the most embarrassing verse in the Bible.

    C.S. Lewis, The World’s Last Night: And Other Essays, p.97

    Lewis is referring to Mark chapter 13 verse 30.


    1. Paul, you have made some truly excellent points. However, I am yet to be fully convinced that Jesus is not the Messiah. Until such time, I have no other choice, but to proclaim Him as such. I gather if I continue to read your blog I probably will be.

      Thanks again for pointing out that embarrassing mistake. God blesses.


  2. Mark 13: 30 has Jesus say,

    ‘Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place.’

    ‘these things’, in the context of the proceeding events referred to, includes his return.


  3. Hi Noel,

    “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” This Scripture came to mind as I read your post. Thank you so much for admonishing the body of Christ, and those who are not yet saved, to get ready, and to stay ready for the imminent return of Jesus Christ! There have been so many false prophets in the land, but no man knows the day nor the hour save the Father! I want to be ready to go back with Jesus when He comes! It behooves us to examine ourselves daily, to see whether we be in the faith! We must ask the Lord to forgive us of our sins on a daily basis.

    You shared a timely post, and much needed. Just as in the days of Noah, many are relaxed, and carefree. Though the Lord tarry, we must be ready! Amen, Noel! May the Lord bless you, abundantly! Have a blessed weekend.



    1. Hallelujah! Minister Paulette, I truly thank you for your comment. I get goose pimples reading it. I want to be ready when Jesus returns. I do not want to end up like the five foolish virgins. They were so near and yet so far. The Bible says, blessed are those servants whom the Lord finds watching when He comes. Those whom He found watching will receive a reward. The Lord shall gird Himself and make them sit down to meat, and He will come fort and serve them.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. God blesses.


  4. We are one day closer.

    I think of the words written in the journal of missionary Jim Elliot a short time before he was killed by the Auca Indians . . .
    “So live, that when you die, you have nothing left to do, but die”

    I take the liberty of changing these words to
    “So live, that when He comes, you have left left undone, but are ready and waiting and watching”

    We are one day closer!


    1. Thanks so much for your splendid comment Angela. I particularly like the twist you put on the Jim Elliot quote. “So live, that when you die you have left nothing undone”. It seems the five foolish virgins needed to hear that. They left one thing undone which cost them a seat at the banqueting table. I want to be ready when Jesus returns so I will heed the words of Jim Elliot.


  5. Awesome word Brother Noel….I’ve often spoken on the importance of preparing ourselves for our Soon Coming King, because so many people live as though it’s not going to happen!

    Minister Glenda


    1. Thanks so much for your comment Minister Glenda. I seriously appreciate your input. I need not remind you that our time on earth is getting shorter. The Bridegroom could show up tomorrow. Therefore, we must ensure that the Bridegroom appearance does not catch us off guard. Let us trim the lamps, and ensure that we have oil in our vessels.


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