There is power in the Name of Jesus

Acts 12:1-11

New Living Translation (NLT)

James Is Killed and Peter Is Imprisoned

 King Herod Agrippa began to persecute some believers in the church. He had the apostle James (John’s brother) killed with a sword. When Herod saw how much this pleased the Jewish people, he also arrested Peter. (This took place during the Passover celebration.) Then he imprisoned him, placing him under the guard of four squads of four soldiers each. Herod intended to bring Peter out for public trial after the Passover. But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed very earnestly for him.

Peter’s Miraculous Escape from Prison

The night before Peter was to be placed on trial; he was asleep, fastened with two chains between two soldiers. Others stood guard at the prison gate. Suddenly, there was a bright light in the cell, and an angel of the Lord stood before Peter. The angel struck him on the side to awaken him and said, “Quick! Get up!” And the chains fell off his wrists. Then the angel told him, “Get dressed and put on your sandals.” And he did. “Now put on your coat and follow me,” the angel ordered.

So Peter left the cell, after the angel. But all the time he thought it was a vision. He didn’t realize it was actually happening. They passed the first and second guard posts and came to the iron gate leading to the city, and this opened for them all by itself. So they passed through and started walking down the street, and then the angel suddenly left him.

 Peter finally came to his senses. “It’s really true!” he said. “The Lord has sent his angel and saved me from Herod and from what the Jewish leaders had planned to do to me!”


  1. So much death and violence back in the old days.
    I imagine James prayed that he’d be saved from
    a violent death, and John The Baptist surely cried
    out for the mercy of a miracle. But in their cases,
    the prayers didn’t help. It wasn’t in God’s divine plan.

    But Jesus told them – anything they ask and pray for
    in His name shall be given unto them. Anything can be
    accomplished, even more miraculous works than Christ
    did Himself. Unless, it’s not in The Plan. I guess they just
    forgot to say that part in The Bible.

    I don’t think it is about a lack of faith, or using the wrong words,
    or the wrong name when praying. Am I missing something here?
    Miracles break our known laws of physics – God’s Physical Laws.
    That is how I define a miracle. Now, who can tell me the secret?

    Sincerely, Uncle Tree


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