What does your defeatist attitude say about your Christianity?

What does your defeatist attitude say about your Christianity?
Jesus advised us against worrying. He promised He would never leave us or forsake us. And, Apostle Paul assured us that despite our trials, we are more than conquerors. Still many of us take a defeatist approach when we get caught in a stressful situation. Instead of unlocking our faith and give the problem to Jesus. We wave the white flag and surrender.

Folks, the world, is our watchdog on earth. It notices everything we do. And when we allow our circumstances to get the better of us it gives the world ammunition to label us as frauds. Hence, we become laughing stocks and not the light that Jesus wants us to become.

Do you not know you are sons and daughters of God? And, even though we will never be like Jesus, we are His equal in the kingdom of God. Ephesians 1: verse 5 gives us that authority. Further, Jesus tells us that whatever we ask the Father in His name He will grant. Use what you have, prayer and faith and pull yourself up.

Even if you do not think, you are a conqueror. The Bible says you are. So, you do not have any business walking around looking beaten up and defeated. Jesus is our example; He gave us all the tools we need to overcome and conquer our difficulties.


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