Fill my cup Lord

When I was a child, my mother would drag my brother and me with her to Church three times per week. Sunday night service was fun. Liked to listen to people testify about what God did for them. And I could not get enough of the songs they sang. One of my favourites from back then is: “Fill my cup Lord.” It was known as the altar call song. People would run to the altar to get their spiritual cups fill. I did not understand much of what was going on then.

Years later when I gave my heart to the Lord, I realise that it did not matter how saved you think you are; there is a time when you feel empty. You cannot put your finger on the reason. But you know there is a sense of emptiness within. And the fire you once had in your belly suddenly lose its fury. So, you start to look for answers, but nothing seems to help.

That is when you run to the altar and ask God to fill your cup.




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