What’s wrong with the world?

As the world tries to make sense of the tragedy in Colorado, many people are asking, “Why did this all too familiar drama that has terrorized places such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Arizona and Fort Hood, happened in Aurora?” This quiet suburb neighborhood is one of the most unlikely places one would expect a massacre. Nevertheless, evil has no discretion. It could spring up anywhere.

For answers, authorities turned to experts of all sorts for their theories on what kind of person would slaughter innocent strangers and then calmly surrender to the police. But so far nobody has uncovered anything in the shooter’s background that would suggest he was capable of committing such a heinous act.

Still, the killing of innocent people is not an uncommon occurrence. This horrible, despicable act happens all over the world, on an almost daily basis. Which leaves one to wonder. “What’s wrong with the world?” The answer to this question can only be found in the Word of God.

To help me explain, here is a sermon given in Charlotte by Rev. Billy Graham in 1958. Many of us were not born then, but this message is relent now just as it was relevant then.


  1. What happened in this suburban area, and what is occurring all over this world, is a SYMPTOM. A symptom of being sin sick! A symptom of having a diseased soul, riddled with sin! What is the answer? JESUS is the answer, for this world today! Above Him there is no other, Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to cure what ails this sin sick world! We who have the answer need to be proactive! There is always a reaction when something like this happens, but who is going to stand up and be proactive, and to tell everybody about somebody, who can save anybody?

    Thank you for sharing, Noel! Have a blessed day in Jesus!



    1. You are exactly right Minister Paulette. Jesus is the answer. Sin is the disease and Jesus is the cure. It is not surprising that the so-called experts have not been able to find any clue as to why the shooter/murderer committed such a despicable act. They have been looking in the wrong places.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. God blesses.


  2. We cannot fathom the mind of someone who would do such a thing, but on the other hand, events like these shouldn’t surprise us. We know that mankind is desperately wicked and the only reason we do not see more of such activity is that the Holy Spirit has an impact on society even though He is not recognised.

    When the Holy Spirit is taken from the world, with His ‘temple’ at the rapture, those who are left behind will see evil in all its unrestrained horror. [1 Thess 2:6-7]

    We pray for the families of those in Aurora who lost a loved one. We pray for all those who are affected in any way, and for the one who committed the atrocity. We pray that many will turn to the living God who alone can give comfort, peace and hope and we pray that many, through this tragedy, will come to know Christ as Saviour and Lord.


    1. Marvelous! Thank you so much for your perspective Angela. The Holy Spirit is always at work on our behalf. Unfortunately bad things do happen.
      May God richly bless you.


    1. I agree with you Lady D. Jesus is what this country needs. I join you in prayer for our people. And I hope the Jesus haters will realize that the devil is the enemy. His job is to kill and destroy.

      Thanks for stopping by. God blesses.


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