Should political principles take precidence over moral principles?

10house3_span-articleLarge[1]No rational human being, religious or secular, can deny with any degree of credibility that there are much differences between political principles and moral principles. Therefore, moral principles should take precedence over political principles, especially when the expected outcome impacts the greater good of the society at large.  However, politicians in Washington are best known for putting their political principles before their moral obligations, especially when fulfilling their moral obligations do not translate to many votes at the polls. And it matters not to these elected servants whether the country is at a critical juncture where many of its citizens are struggling to find work and provide food for their families.

Anyone on the outside looking in would think putting people back to work is our number-one priority. Instead, these self-centered rich intractable are more interested in scoring points than moving their country forward. They have manufactured crisis after crisis, and then they use scripted rhetoric to deceive the American people into believing that they have their best interest at heart. It seems everything in Washington is a chess game. Nobody wants to give a little and take a little. It is either all or nothing.

Let’s take the ongoing budget debacle, for example. What a mess this fiasco has turned out to be. There are no signs of compromise on the horizon, even though polls after polls have indicated that a majority of the American people want both sides to reach an agreement that will help move this struggling the country forward.

Still, the thing that disturbs me the most about Washington is the claim of being Christian by many of its heartless politicians. These men and women are so consumed by their political ideology that they rather ignore the teachings of Jesus Christ than compromise. Frankly, I am not sure about these people. The Holy Bible tells me that as, Christians, we must “Let our light shine before men who may see our good works, and glorify the Father who is in heaven. However, all I hear from these so-called Christians in Washington are gloom and doom.


  1. Good post Noel. Though I do not hold Washington “blameless” at all, I think what bothers me most is how “gullible” some are in America today. How they run to these people thinking, “they have our best interest at heart.” How they cannot wait to run to the polls to vote them in, to “solve all of their problems.”

    Our government today to me at least, is a very dangerous “being” that has come into place, to take away our “freedoms” and to “think for us.” I worry so not for myself, but my children and grandchildren. I do not think they are going to enjoy all I have in life, of “being free to breathe my own air.”

    Good thought provoking post and God Bless, SR


    1. I agree with you, S.R. I am sick and tired of politicians. Still, they are a necessary evil that we cannot do without. But they need to buck up and do right by the people.

      Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts here. God blesses.


  2. To create chaos is to achieve dependability from those being chaotically effect. More chaos, the more uncertainty, more uncertainty the more the outcry for help from those creating the chaos initially. Larger government ensues.
    As in a Socialistic Government pursued by Obama..
    What do you surmise the ultimate outcome were the estimated 78 Million
    Christians in America to suddenly say, “we have our own solutions. Thank you very much anyway.” Perhaps reversed chaos and ultimately a favorable resolution. Just a thought seeing that there is voting power in 78 Million people, who want their country back and under the banner of Christ.


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