Fishing production is down three years after BP oil spill

According to a CNN report, fishermen in the golf are starting to feel the effects of the BP oil spill. Tar balls are still turning up on beaches and fishing production is down between 40 and 60%. Read the full story here:  http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/27/us/gulf-disaster-fishing-industry/index.html?hpt=hp_c1130417174917-09-nowak-gulf-fishing-custom-1[1] 130418130103-10-gulf-fishing-story-top[1]130418135912-11-gulf-fishing-brick-custom-1[1] 130418182942-gulf-fishing-11-custom-1[1]

Interactive map of Gulf oil disaster130417174725-05-nowak-gulf-fishing-custom-1[1] 130417174656-04-nowak-gulf-fishing-custom-1[1]

Pictures of the devastating fire in Colorado

The Waldo Canyon Fire started June 23 and has scorched 16,750 acres. It has burned 347 homes and killed at least two people.

Father in heaven I place the people of Colorado into your hand; especially those who have been affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire. Many of these people have lost everything they owned. These are difficult times Lord, but I hope someone will find a way to encourage hope. May they find solace in Jesus Christ. Amen!