Embracing the beauty of God’s creation

God has made everything beautiful in its time; also, He has given human beings an awareness of eternity; but in such a way that they can’t fully comprehend, from beginning to end, the things God does (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

There are a lot of incredible things on this earth that God has given us to enjoy. We live in a beautiful world full of gorgeous trees, breathtaking mountains, immense oceans, fabulous sunsets, and so on. Nature is beautiful. Bright, sunny mornings, with the birds singing; and dew sparkling on the grass; are truly a gift from God. It is when we look at the world through the eyes of God that we come to appreciate just how fantastic it is.

Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

Real wisdom is the knowledge of God and all His handiwork. We have been given life so that we may enjoy it. It is a gift from God. When we seek God and a deeper knowledge of His will, we are seeking a greater understanding of all creation. There is nothing greater that anyone can desire than to see this world of ours through the eyes of the creator.

In God’s creation, we can catch glimpses of God Himself. In prayer, we need to remember to ask God to help us become wise as He is wise, and in doing so, we will see beauty like we never knew existed. We will appreciate life in a new and exciting way.